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Online Music Production
Tuition Sessions

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Mix Appraisals Available

Geared towards producers with some experience already. I'll tweak your mix and send it back to you with all the information about what I did. Alternatively we can do it in real-time over video call. If I feel your style of music is better suited to a different producer/engineer, I'll put you in touch with them.

'The fastest way to learn how to improve your mixes.'
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Sessions include:

  • How to use your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

  • How to use MIDI with virtual instruments

  • How to record instruments and vocals

  • How to mix a song or piece of music

  • How to use EQ, compression, reverb and other effects

  • How to write and arrange your music, and why this is important as a producer

  • How to edit audio quickly

  • Supplementary piano, guitar and vocal techniques

  • Composition, theory and analysis in a practical way

  • GCSE and A-Level support

  • Songwriting development

  • Opportunities to visit studios and assist on projects or work on your own material

'As well as being incredibly convenient, online sessions help you learn at your own workstation; which is precisely where you'll be doing most of your production.'

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I’m a songwriter and producer with a passion for recording audio in an organic and unaffected way. I’m also a highly skilled audio editor and mix engineer. I have a 1st class BA (Hons) from Leeds Conservatoire. I’ve worked as a bandleader and musical director and pre-pandemic I averaged 150 gigs a year as a piano/vocalist. I now work between my home writing studio and mixing/recording space at Present Day Production in Epping. 

A bit about me...

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'Despite having studied it my entire life, I owe the majority of my musical knowledge to the few years I was taught by Sam. I have nothing but praise - every lesson was the right balance of fun and challenging, and the learning methods we used have absolutely stuck with me. He’s a great guy and I would recommend him to absolutely anybody. Has all the tips & tricks, and teaches without making anything into a chore :) (vocals, keyboard & music theory)'




Jaye Cass, former student with a recording contract

releasing music as 'Zeli'

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'Over a period of about 6 years, Sam took me from being a beginner guitarist to being more of a guitarist than I ever intended to be! Sam is incredibly encouraging and knows how to get the best out of his students by tailoring his lessons to their abilities and aspirations. Of course Sam is a fantastically talented musician and songwriter himself! A good man to the core!'



Charlie G, former guitar student

My son had his first lesson with Sam and is buzzing about the content and Sam's broad music knowledge. If you want more than just a music teacher then he's your man. Josh can't wait for his next lesson.

Jay G, parent of online Music Production student

'Sam made an outstanding contribution to teaching and learning at St.  Bernard's High School. His strengths included teaching composition, performance and analysis at GCSE and A level where he inspired students to produce work of a high standard. Sam is a talented and experienced musician and he was able to use his skills across the age range, providing challenge and a love of learning to his classes.'  



Fiona Maltby, Head of Music at St Bernards

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