Sam is now the 'in-house' music producer at Present Day Production. Alongside mastering guru Mark Ashfield, audio/visual expert James Nugent and plug-in sorcerer Jamie Pond, Sam is part of a formidable production team. Between the four of them they have over 75 years worth of experience in the music industry. Click the image below to visit the website, and don't forget to click the ding-dong and subscribe on YouTube!


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Featured Artists:

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Izzy Flynn is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, composer, pianist and vocalist. We're currently working together on a future release, inspired by the 'neo-soul' sound of the late 90s. Izzy also writes award-winning jazz compositions and is currently focusing on dozens of commissioned short piano pieces. I facilitate Izzy's vision as she has an abundance of creativity and a clear vision for the sound she wants. 

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Javier Carrillo is an artist from Peru, currently living in Dublin. He submitted a demo for his song 'All My Life' to Present Day Production, as part of our search to find an artist to produce from the ground-up. Javier won the competition out of hundreds of entrants, and we're now working together, and with some heavy-hitting session players to bring his bittersweet track to life.